9 Innovations That Could Become the Next “Big Thing” – Startup Grind

Halfway into 2016, it is clear that we are living in a new era of innovation. Beyond Silicon Valley, corporations and startup hubs worldwide are tackling big problems like water scarcity and cancer. The concept of the “next big thing” is becoming redundant because breakthroughs have become normal.

The Oasis

Someone secretly wise told me that ‘eternity’ can be contained in a single moment, if that moment is powerful enough. It can take an entire lifetime or a single moment to understand your purpose. Some people die without ever finding it. Others affect the entire universe with theirs.

My Friend Manju and the Crisis in Nepal – Human Essence

After the devastating earthquakes of April and May 2015, I traveled across Nepal, coordinating relief work in remote villages. In the Sindhupalchok district, one of the most devastated areas, I met Manju. She is around 11 or 12 years old with an intelligent demeanor, fierce brown eyes, rough hands and dwindling hope.

How To Be Happy – An Account of Earthquake Relief in Nepal

“I have never been happier,” said the seventy-year-old man with cheeks more wrinkled than a raisin, turning my world upside down and making my heart jump painfully. How could anyone be happy after losing everything they owned: their life’s work, their ancestral home, their animals on whom they relied above all else?